Forging strategic partnerships with valued clients, contracting each project from conception through construction to completion.


Pre-Construction: We offer assistance in evaluating site spaces and offer property assessment reports for our clients. Additionally, a design team is available to help get the creative process started and completed.


General Contracting + Construction Management: With over 30 years of experience, we have developed valuable knowledge to transform your vision into physical shape and form.


On Time Within Budget: It is critical to develop and execute your vision within an acceptable time frame while maintaining budget integrity in order to offer an exceptional finished and competed project for you to occupy

About the Owner

Jeff Hirsh, started his construction career while he attended San Diego State University. When he wasn’t in class, he would be on a worksite, where his first job was framing. The job was performance based, and Jeff quickly realized that there were ways that he could do his work faster and more efficiently. As he honed his skills, he quickly moved up the ranks within the company, and eventually became a Super Intendant for one of the biggest construction companies in Rancho Santa Fe at the time. His drive and passion for construction eventually gave him the idea to start his own company.

Our History

In 1998, Jeff started Hirsh Construction company based on a few key principles that he had learned from his hands-on education on worksites. His philosophy is centered around always doing what is best for his clients, and he is willing to go above and beyond to make sure their dreams come true. By always looking out for his clients, Jeff has built a strong reputation in San Diego and Southern California. Hirsh Construction specializes in both Residential and Commercial projects. So whether you are looking to open a restaurant, high-end retail establishment, or a mixed used project, or to build your dream custom home, remodel your home, Hirsh Construction has the experience and know-how to build it.

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Cornerstone For Success

Establishing strong relationships

Another cornerstone for success for Hirsh Construction has been developing and establishing strong relationships. These relationships extend beyond the bond with their clients. Building anything is a team endeavor, and having the right people is crucial. At Hirsh Construction many of the Superintendents and team members have been with the company from the beginning. In addition, Hirsh Construction only works with the best Sub-contractors because at the end of the day it is their reputation on the line. Finally, having developed strong rapport with local entities such as the City and County permitting teams, Hirsh Construction has earned their respect. Inspectors know that when they walk on a job site that the work has been done properly and to code. Permitting, planning, and inspecting can often times derail a project, but because of these relationships and years of experience, Hirsh Construction excels at getting the job done.